Beach Towel/Blanket Hybrid

It’s a beach towel! It’s a blanket! It’s adorable! Made with 2 strands of 100% cotton, super soft and snuggly. Great for long car rides to the beach, keeps ‘me warm in the car and dry at the beach! These are toddler size but can be made anywhere from baby to adult. Price depends on size.

Donut Coasters!

Made with 100% cotton so they absorb all your drink condensation! Made with 2 layers for extra protection for your table. $10/set of 4.

Quarter Keeper Keychain

For the Aldi shopper, always have your cart quarter right there with you. No need to dig in your car for change! Made with durable cotton yarn, a fancy little bobble just to pretty it up a bit, an elastic opening and in many colors! $5 each or if you order 3 or more they are $4 each.